Saturday, November 15, 2008

bubble, bubble ;-)

....and just when you think nothing happens anymore - ding, there it comes, another episode of 7" bath. This time it´s about K-O, ok? Known and not so much known tunes by artists like "The Kings, Robert Long, Miriam Makeba, Mr. Airplane Man". For your clean singing and dancing pleasures - the "7" bath" -blub.

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Radio Speakeasy November 15th Edition

Okay boys and girls another hour plus of schizophrenic musical ramblings. We've got it all with trax from Hank Williams III (AKA Hank 3), to The Hollies, Heartbreakers, Etta James, Johnny Cash and even Abba plus as they say (or at least used to) on TeeVee "many many more". Whether you waste you bosses valuable bandwidth listening to the show streaming, or download and plop on your MP3 player, thanks for listening and feel free to send along any feedback on what you think of the musical festivities.

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